Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guest Post Mood Board - Soft Pinks

Hi Lovely Readers of Simply Hue! My name is Rachel and I blog over at Lovely Clusters. I am honored to be here today for a mood board quest post. I am a huge fan of Vicki's beautiful photography and her colors always inspire me. Today I was particularly inspired by the hues of her "sew dear" photo so I gathered some more images from my pinterest to create this pretty mood board. I Hope you enjoy it!

Row 1: simply hue, danske
Row 2: tecpetajaphoto, macomaco


  1. What beautiful color combinations! So lovely, soft, and sweet! Perfect for the holidays. xo Samantha

  2. bottom right definitely inspires me! thanks! xx

  3. beautiful mood board, love the pastel tones so much! hugs, twiggs


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