Monday, October 25, 2010

This Weeks Creative Challenge

For this weeks challenge you can gather some clues from the above photo. It's "I Believe in Pink". Post all things PINK! Flowers, frilly dresses, rosey cheeks...whatever is pretty and pink. :)

I'll be posting photos from the Creative Challenge Group later this week. Thanks for all of your submissions!


  1. One of my favorite excerpts from Audrey! I adore this photo, absolutely beautiful!

  2. audrey... do we need to say more? audrey was the one... actually instead of twiggs i thought about audrey... :) love this new theme!! i wonder what am i going to do about it! :) take care sweet girl!!! twiggs

  3. Audrey, black ballet flats and pink...all good things ; )

  4. I love etsy dreaming and I love bartering as well! :)


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~ Vicki