Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dreaming of.....

This original bamboo doily clock by Uncommon

This fun stylish print by Francoise Rachez

These unique and practical coffee cup cozies by Slitely Askew

This pair of handsewn LOVE pillowcases by Pure and Noble

I could spend hours (but try not to) on Etsy dreaming about all of the things I want, need, gotta have. How about you? One thought...have you ever tried bartering/trading with another shopowner on Etsy? We have a really tight budget so one thing I've learned over the past year is, if I really want an item, I contact the seller and see if they would be interested in a trade for ad space on my blog or a print from my shop.
Have you ever done this? Any other thoughts or experiences you've had on bartering or trading?

P.S. Paula just asked me how the feedback was when I barter on Etsy and I'd have to say that about half to two thirds of people I contact are interested in bartering. I think that's pretty good and makes it worth the effort. :)


  1. I am totally into Etsy as well and could (and do sometimes) spend hours browsing...
    My favourites list is long..... very long....
    I actually never thought about trading... but now I will think about it...
    How was the feedback if I may ask?

  2. I know what you mean about getting lost on Etsy! Great idea though, bookmarked for future reference :)


  3. I've got that clock hanging up in my room and I love it! It's sooo pretty!

  4. etsy is full of beautiful things! my list is so long too!!!!
    Thank you Vicki!

  5. Bartering - good question! I don't list most my items in my Etsy shop as I'm to try to sell things mostly from my website, but I have received some barter requests via Etsy. I ALSO have people at art/craft fairs (where I do the bulk of my selling) ask me too. Although it's flattering in the beginning, I find it makes me uncomfortable (obviously this is tougher when it's in person). Why? Because often times the person is making something that I don't really have an interest in. TO bring my comments back to Etsy, I'd say that folks need to gauge the quality of their items, and offer to barter with folks that have similar quality levels.

  6. Love love love those pillow cases! Actually, I adore all of the Etsy goodness.

  7. I never thought of that... well I am lying I kept that in mind when you once posted about that vintage camera (a brownie?) which was a result of bartering (am i correct?), but i always think it is not the time yet, but who knows?! I was not aware of those thirds of people interested! That is quite interesting! And of course... who could live without Etsy? :) Have a sweet evening!!! Twiggs

  8. I have bartered with Vicki before and certainly enjoyed the whole process. Definitely worth it!

  9. Thanks, Libby! :)

  10. These are so beautiful! Love the clock and the photography of Francoise Rachez is gorgeous. Bartering is a great idea! Once I get a store opened, I'll definitely look into that.

  11. I adore those cozies... cute AND practical = right up my alley!

  12. love those coffee cozies and the pillow cases...great finds.


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