Thursday, July 1, 2010

"I Create" with Hadley Hutton

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"I create... a moment framed in a painting, or a myriad of moments that drip from my brush. Moments colorful and rich, moments subdued and quiet, moments of hope and joy, moments of sadness and longing, and simple moments filled with beauty.

"I love... small wonders like drifting seeds, new spring shoots, falling petals, and swooping swallows. I love big wonders like light filling my room and glorious food filling my table. I love all the wonders in between like holding hands, listening to my daughter hum and my son chuckle. I love old appliances and new paint. I love worn shirts and soft jeans. In the height of Summer I love picking Oregon berries and swimming in cool rivers. I love throwing snow balls during Winter storms. I love jumping into puddles and leaf piles during the Fall, and in Spring I love gathering blossom after blossom. I am in love with creating, but most importantly I love loving and being loved

I dream... many dreams, and day after day I reach a step closer to a dream. Then I see I'm living the dream I dreamed. What a joy to manifest my dreams. So I dream to keep dreaming and attaining my dreams."


Wow, what an inspiring interview, Hadley! You're not only an artist, you're a writer. Thanks so much for sharing from your heart. xo


  1. such special moments in these pieces . a joyful artist

  2. I really enjoyed this. So beautiful, it made my heart flutter :)

  3. wow, such beautiful work hadley! i love the use of color - i feel like im in a dream! thanks for sharing! happy weekend! xo.

  4. Oh, I love the soft, dreamy quality to her work!

  5. These are beautiful! I love her use of color and simple design. The last one's my favorite : )

  6. There is something angelic to her work. Simply beautiful.


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