Friday, July 2, 2010

Designer ~ Stephanie from Pretty Birdie

Her Shop ~ Pretty Birdie

"The name of my clothing line is Pretty Birdie. I have been making clothes and selling them for the past 5 years in Greensboro. I started young making my barbie clothes and then scouring thrift stores in my teens and remaking vintage pieces. I love antique and vintage fabrics, no matter how old and worn or faded, it just makes me love them more. I am so inspired by these fabrics!

I incorporate a lot of old antique quilt tops, feed and flour sacks, and depression dresses into my designs to make them unique and give each piece a beautiful story ....... The leather I use is recycled from old couches, sometime skirts and jackets. I get a lot of my surplus vintage from a fabric store that has been in business since the 30's and has a amazing amount of beautiful fabrics to choose from. And now, I am including organic and hemp fabrics to complete my collection.

I currently sell Sanders Trippes' recycled wooden jewelry and platform hand carved shoes. He is a trained luthier and now branching out to jewelry and shoes. He also helps me with finishing garments (ie. snaps) And, he is my fiance....."



I'm so impressed with the fact that she uses worn vintage items, such as old flour sacks, depression dresses, and even old couch leather! How much more industrious can you get? Her work is classy, stylish, and has a simple elegance.

What do YOU appreciate about her work?

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  1. Lovely! And that coat is just fab!

    Hope you have a wonderful 4th Vicki!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I also love that you CAN'T tell she's using such unusual materials for her designs - the pieces would be beautiful anyway! Love the images too.

  3. The creme-colored mini dress is beyond amazing!

  4. Wow! She's oozing creativity and her cloths are really unique and pretty!!

  5. So fun and flirty! I LOVE that the outfits are made from recycled material. Beautiful. I particularly love the orange blouse.


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~ Vicki