Monday, May 31, 2010

Photographer ~ Gordana from G(ART)EN

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"I am an introvert when unarmed by my camera. But put that magic wand in my hands, and I feel free to walk up to strangers, compliment them (their gardens, children, pets, whatever it happens to be), trespass their yards, sneak in their grass, offer unsolicited opinions :) The camera in my hands becomes a bridge that connects, a prompt to share what is similar in us, any given stranger and me. And that connectedness is a little seed of universal love...

I grew up in Sarajevo (ex Yugoslavia, now Bosnia) and am still growing up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada."



Where do I begin? Gordana's images have a soft feminine feel and I think they would look beautiful in a contemporary home as well as an older home. In other words...they're timeless.

What do YOU appreciate about her work?


  1. Oh these photos are pleasing to the eye! I love each one but my fave is the first. It puts me right there in place with that flower ~ I can smell the dampness. this is joyful.

  2. I agree with Becky, the first one is awesome!! and I love the other one with the flowers! They are very elegant, and yes, "timeless" is a good way of describing them!
    Thanks for sharing, Vicky!

  3. All very beautiful images! I love the daisies!!

  4. i enjoy the tonal qualities of your photos. i'm also getting a sense of a story from each photo even though they tend to be minimalistic. maybe because of the techniques used?

  5. Thank you Vicki for the feature and thank you girls for comments :)
    For most of my prints in shop, some sort of aging is done, because I can not resist it ;) Some, like the daisy in the rain, are left untouched because there was nothing I could add or take away.. I am glad you like them for different reasons...

  6. these are really inspiring and very, very lovely. i love the light in the still life with the eggs... and that the jug is bird shaped! the last one is clever, too =)
    gordana, i agree with you about the daisy photo!


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki