Friday, May 28, 2010

Designer ~ Rym from Bagatelles

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I grew up in sunny Tunisia by the beach in a house full of plants, paintings and beautiful fabrics. I spents my childhood drawing, reading, or dressing up in my mom’s clothes with my sister…

I then moved to Paris to study Textile and Fashion design. After a while, longing for new adventures, I decided to move to London and after a degree at Central Saint Martins College, I worked several years as a freelance Designer/Tailor.

bagatelles&co started last summer when I was desperately looking for a nice evening bag for a wedding I was attending. I couldn’t find anything beautiful yet affordable so I ended up making my own! I haven’t stopped making bags since then!

I try to make my shop the greenest possible by using only recycled materials. From packaging and packing to the textiles used, I always make
sure to source from the highest quality."


I think the main thing that stands out when I'm looking at Rym's beautiful handbags is the colorful fabrics she uses. Each piece of fabric has a unique design and her handbags are so elegantly designed.

What do YOU appreciate about Rym's work?


  1. These are beautiful! And so well photographed :)

  2. YES. Loving those beautiful fabrics! I love the small ones :) So cute! I hope you have a lovely long weekend! -Jami

  3. Ooh la la, these are pretty!

  4. Thank you so much Vicki! Your blog is so lovely, it's an honor to be featured in it!
    Rym :)

  5. These are gorgeous! I appreciate the color and that they are all so unique!

  6. I also love her choice of fabrics, especially the purple paisley purse!


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