Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Art Talk" with Isabelle Lafrance

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ART IS A JOURNEY ~ by Isabelle Lafrance

I don't remember exactly when my journey started. There wasn't an event that sparked my creativity. It is just a part of me and has always been.

An artist's journey lasts a lifetime. There are bends in the road and crossroads. There are many people who inspire us daily. We are feeding our own creativity by enjoying their art. We meet mentors along the way, some will have a small impact while others will leave a lasting inspiration.

Sometimes the journey hits a roadblock. I do remember clearly the first roadblock I hit. My high school principal, who refused to let me attend the art class. He said to me: "You know, art classes are only for students who have poor grades. That way we make sure that they at least get their high school diploma. Since you are having good grades you will attend enriched Physics and Chemistry." Well, pardon me Mr., but I am not lazy nor stupid. I am passionate and need an outlet for my creativity. And by implying that art is for lazy or stupid students you are giving bad press to artists. That was my first roadblock, and I fought until I won. I'm so glad I stood for my beliefs at that time.

After a while I realized that most of the obstacles I encountered as an artist were not put in my way by others. I was being my own roadblock. By lack of faith, or confidence in my abilities. Also by what I thought others were expecting from me.

While every block led me to a deep reflexion and helped me go forward, I must admit I often wanted to put my creative mind aside. But since I can't, here I am still :)

I studied arts in college and my parents always had my back (though I'm sure they were relieved when I got my university degree in Psychoeducation. I now had a "backup plan".) Now I am a photographer. It's one and the same for me as I start with an image in mind and use the camera instead of a pencil or a brush.

What scares me the most out of this journey is the unexpected turns. I have no clue where and how it will end up. I started from drawing, to painting, sewing and knitting, now photography. It's scary and exciting at the same time...What will my next creative outlet be?

What is or will be yours? Where will this journey lead you? Are you putting your own roadblocks, stopping you from going further?


You are a wonderfully talented artist, Isabelle. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. xoxo


  1. Lovely pics and an inspiring story!!!

  2. Isabelle's photos are amazing, her actions are awesome and she's sooooo generous to share all her talent with us!

  3. I love her work and her actions.......shes so generous to share with all of us......

  4. Very inspiring words from Isabelle. Thanks for sharing this interview, Vicki. ♥

  5. What a very nice post to celebrate a fabulous artist, photographer and cyber friend of mine!
    Isabelle's work is beautiful:)

  6. A true artist and faithful friend. Thanks for sharing your innermost thoughts. I truly enjoy your work and friendship.

  7. this is wonderful, sublime!! Delicate, beautiful..

  8. wonderful photographer <33
    you can really tell she loves what she does.

  9. Thank you so much Vicki, it was an honor to be part of this inspiring blog ♥

  10. Her work has a natural sophistication. That was a play on words. :) Very talented.

  11. Thankyou for your comments for Isabelle everyone! And, Isabelle, it was a priveledge to get to know you better and feature your beautiful photography!

  12. i'm such a HUGE fan... love, love your work isabelle!! TRULY!!

    WONDERFUL share vicki!

  13. I'm absolutely mortified that a principal would ever say that about the arts... Good for you Isabella for not letting those sorts of people get in your way. You make beautiful photographs.

  14. She is one of my favorites photographers on Flickr,what else can I say?
    Love her work!!

  15. What I like the most about Isabelle is that she is not only an extremely inspiring artist, but also a wonderful person and a dearest friend.
    There are a lot of people out there who are talented, it is impossible to deny that - but how many of those really care about a comment, take the time to answer a question (especially if it comes from a 'newbie') or simply offer their help when you are having a bad moment in your life?
    I have been on Flickr for 4 of my 24 years (with different nicknames and accounts) and can say Isabelle is one of the very few artists I truly count as a friend of mine, even though there is an Ocean between us and I've never had the honor to meet her in person.
    The way she shows her sensitivity in everything she does, and not only in her art, is what inspires me the most: I would very much like to become a woman like her. Somebody whose outstanding creativity is not the only thing to admire... a woman who can be described as loving and caring, but also able to show strength at the same time.
    I will never forget the gentle words Isabelle wrote to me when I was feeling sick and sad, nor the precious help she has given me now that I am working on the restyling of my website.
    Reading this interview has quite moved me, especially while reading about the many obstacles even a lovely woman like Isabelle has found... yet, and it may sound like a bit of a cliché, but this time it most certainly is not, I believe any kind of roadblock should be welcome, if it helps us realize who we really are and what we really care about, giving us the chance to become someone as beautiful and sensitive as our beloved Isabelle.

    [I'm sure I would have been able to say this in a much better way, had I had the chance to write in Italian. Please be so kind to forgive - and forget about! - any mistake, and read my heart instead of my words. Being us all art lovers, I guess there is no language barrier for that :)]

  16. This is was so inspiring to read. I have admired Isabelle's work for a long time now and it was really lovely to get to know more about her and her creative progression. I think I'm my biggest roadblock and also daily life gets in the way but, it is also a great source of inspiration too.


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki