Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stylist/Photographer ~ Marie Nichols

Her Website ~ Marie Nichols, Her Blog ~ A Whole Lotta Lovely

"I’m a twenty something girl form the Uk who’s love of all things home stems back to childhood days. Infact, looking back I think I’ve always been a stylist, {ever since building stylish homes for my Barbie dolls from cardboard boxes and a little bit of sticky backed plastic} I just didn’t know it yet. It was after graduating from a photography degree that I discovered my dream job and the wonderful world of the interiors stylist.

After 6 years working for Ideal Home magazine in London I decided it was time to fly the nest and follow my dreams. Packing up my bags, leaving behind the home I’ve spent the past 3 years creating & heading for the other side of the world to work as a freelance stylist in Sydney…and that’s where I am now, sharing all that inspires me, from here in Australia, back home in the UK and everything in between. Thank you for joining me on my little adventure."


Happy Friday!!! Hope you have some nice plans for the weekend. After our mini-vacation last weekend, I'll probably just be catching up around the house. Also, I'm excited to pull out my drawing pencils and watercolors and work on a couple of projects I've started. What about you? Any creative plans for your weekend?

Just a reminder that this evening at midnight is the deadline for submitting your work for the Artist Spotlights which begin all over this coming Wednesday. On Monday I'll be featuring the final few artists from the current Artist's Spotlight, so if you haven't seen your work yet, just know it will be featured on Monday. ;)

Before I head out I also wanted to let you know who the guest artist is for the "I Create Interview" next week. Have you heard of Martha from "I See the Moon"? She's a photographer and her work is stunning!

Thanks for your participation this week and have a great weekend! xo


  1. Wow just discovered your blog thanks to Artful Blogging that arrived yesterday. Your site is beautiful and I will be following. Like the music choices too. Do believe I will send you my site as I am an artist and teach kids art - at least trying to find time to do art... and I live close by - in Sammamish.

  2. These are such lovely, thoughtful and well-styled images. I really love the one with the paint chips...I've been staring at some myself the past few days, and will be spending the weekend painting my office. Have a great weekend, yourself.

  3. Gorgeous post Vicki! Her work is simply wonderful. :) I'm so behind reading blogs so I'm just about to catch up on all beautiful posts here. Thanks for sharing! xo

  4. The only plans I have for this weekend is to create! It is a rare thing so I plan on enjoying myself. Have a great weekend.

  5. Marie's images and styling are so lovely! I really love the image with the books because it's so rustic and I love books. The image with the butterfly image and paint chips is another how she placed the items so perfectly. I'd love to learn how to style. This weekend the only thing create that I'll be doing is organizing. Not much fun.

  6. Such great pics, I love Marie's work! Her blog is stunning too


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