Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"I Create" with I See the Moon Photography

Her Website ~ I See the Moon

"i create pictures, snapshots of moments, and i hope a little bit of art mixed with a whole lot of love.

i love the old, the worn, the forgotten. i love how new flowers gently embrace old bark on trees in the spring, i love photographing children playing among forgotten old barns. i love the way wind moves fallen petals in the spring, long grass in the summer, grains of sand on empty beaches in the winter. i love the light right before a midwestern storm. i love old weathered docks against soft turquoise water, i love the romance of loons calling at dusk. i love the little truths of childhood and all that my children have given me.

i dream about a long life. i dream about all the moments i hope to be a a part of. i dream about the places i hope to go. i dream of being remembered."


Martha is one of my absolute favorite photographers and her answers touched my heart. And (I hope you won't mind, Martha) I wanted to share a small portion of a message Martha left me on Flickr. at the end of her interview. Here's what she said:

"some of my answers to the i create statements left me frustrated, some of them left me crying. 3 simple little questions, 3 very difficult answers! i finally just answered them as i closed my eyes and wrote. it's crazy you know...i think everyone should take a moment to try and answer those questions. they beautifully put things back into perspective." :)

Soooo, my question to YOU is how would you complete these 3 statements?

I create...
I love...
I dream...

Please feel free to share your answers in the comments section! xo


  1. vicki, thank you so much. this feature is such a gift to me. i admire you so much as an artist, and i'm honored to be here.

    "Tomorrow may rain with sorrow
    Here's a little time we can borrow
    Forget all our troubles in these moments so few
    Oh we can right now the only thing that all that we really have to do"

    oh heavenly day.... love that song so much. xoxo

  2. Oh, I love Martha's art - reading this makes me wish I could have coffee with you both! thanks Vicki, -SR

  3. i did love her answers so much!

    i'm leaving a different post from my blog for each of my answers...

    i create -

    i love -

    i dream -

  4. I create my own path though I don´t need to know where it leads. Walking it is what´s most important.

    I love my son´s golden red hair, how their skin smells in the mornings. I love the happiness being creative gives me and the warmth of the sun in the spring. I love to watch the stars a crisp and chilly winter night and drink hot chocolate afterwards. I love that I´ve had multiple sclerosis for several years, but still hardly remember it since I´ve been blessed with a gentle kind. I love being alive.

    I dream that I´ll have a long, creative and rewarding life and that I´ll see my sons start families of their own. I dream that I´ll be able to feel the smell of my grandchildrens skin in the morning. I dream that I´ll still be walking 15 years from now. I dream of feeling surprised at least once a week the rest of my life.

  5. i love your answers, everyone...they give me chills. thanks so much. :)

    and, martha, it's a huge honor to feature you! xo

  6. hey sharon, i couldn't find your posts on your blog...i looked. ;)

  7. Love these photos...

    ~I create...memories for my family.

    ~ I Love...God and the Precious Ones He's allowed me to meet along my journey.

    ~ I dream...that one day when I'm gone, I will leave behind a beautiful legacy.

    Such a wonderful post today...sigh.

  8. What a great talent you've shared today. I don't think I've seen Martha's work before, but I am now smitten.

    I create: small captures of the expanse of beauty around me

    I love: life, every second of every day, and the wonderful people who fill it with love

    I dream: about a day when family is not so far away, when we can get together on a whim and sit by the marsh with a tall drink in fading sunlight, and just be.

  9. Martha is a close friend of mine and is not only an amazing artist (not photographer, she creates art) and a tender soul that I feel like I have known my whole life. Thanks for featuring such talent on your site!

    I create: my life as I wish to live it

    I love: the quiet moments in life shared with a loved one or close friend-a walk on the beach, watching the sunset or just laughing

    I dream: of a world we are care more about each other than what the rich and famous are doing-we pay more attention to people that need help than those who demand it & take just a moment from the hustle and bustle of life to stop and actually smell the roses-they are quite beautiful.

  10. Thank you for sharing- these are beautiful... headed over to I see the moon right now...

  11. Love Martha - thanks for spotlighting her!
    I am excited to discover your blog.

  12. Wow! Love those photos...so pretty!

  13. Martha is very very talented!!! She deserved your post!! Love her photos, they are really wonderful.

    And answering your questions... mmm... it's a bit difficult for me because I'm spanish and my English is not very good enough but I'll try, ok?

    I create... images that let you dream all you can and you want.
    I love... my boy (it's his birthday today!!), my lovely husband, photography, reading and stay doing nothing just looking to the ceiling imagining some kind of story.
    I dream... of a better world for my boy, of having a little baby girl for dressing her with lovely pink dresses and tutus, of get better photographies every day and of never stop dreaming.

    Love your blog, Vicky.

  14. You are all such elequant writers and express yourselves so well...I have a hard time forming words on paper (I do pretty well outloud, though...ask my husband).

    Anyways, I love learning more about you. Thanks for sharing!

    Eva, your English sounds perfect. xo

  15. lovely post and lovely images... have a nice one!

  16. wow...her work is unbelieveable and her answers inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  17. Wow, these are stunning photos. The interview is inspiring too.

  18. Martha's photography is amazing! Thanks for sharing her words and images.

  19. This is so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing your answers with us. They are indeed 3 powerful questions. I´ll think about them...

  20. Vicki, I think I am in heaven. In Martha's work I have found a new favorite photographer. Her work is so eloquent and moving - images of the heart and imagination made real. Brilliant. Love her interview, too. – g

  21. Martha's art is so full of romance and you can tell each image is full of thought. She sounds like such a lovely person. Hmmm...the 3 questions I will have to think about long and hard before I answer.

  22. i just wanted to pop back and in and say thank you for all of the lovely things you have written. i'm truly touched. thank you again vicki! :)

  23. Fantastic tones on the bowl of lemons shot. All beautiful photographs.

  24. Oh Martha! such a dear friend of mine! I LOVe this so much. I can see her beautiful heart.


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