Monday, April 26, 2010

Designer ~ Caitlin from Nice

Her Shop ~ Nice, Her Blog ~ Nice

"My name is Caitlin Holcomb, and I am the girl behind Nice. I have a great love for vintage things and I am always working on some sort of project! My blog is the perfect place to see what I'm up to.

Loves & Inspiration...

Turner Classic Movie Channel, vintage fabric, friendly & genuine people, my loved ones (my Mom makes really nice things), flea markets & thrift stores, wallpaper, color & patterns, vintage cake decorations, childhood memories, lambic beer, Nest, hotels, Dare Wright, Henry Darger, lots of different music (ask me to make you a mix cd & I will), bunches of balloons, pretty clothing, Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy, "You Can't Take it with You", "Le Ballon Rouge", "The Little Fugitive", Don Knotts, old Disney movies, Colleen, Lake Michigan/the beach on the Michigan side, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Wire, Extras, Tim and Eric, certain magazines & so many blogs, chocolate in most forms, small business owners, dollhouses and little things like that, grumpy ghosts, bakery cases, driving long distances, & etc. etc. etc. of course.

Past & Presently..

I have been creating acrylic paintings mostly on wood, Mini Deer Plaques, Mod Cabin Clocks, Hooray and Happy Birthday banners done with colorful vintage fabrics, Illuminated Memo Boards, and most recently light shades created with vintage and found handmade doilies and new trims. Handmade and vintage items by Nice have been featured on many blogs including Decor8, Poppy Talk, Craft Zine, and Design Sponge, and in 2007 the Mini Deer Plaques were sold at FredFlare and a part of their annual Next Big Thing contest. Hooray banners by Nice are included in the newest book by Kayte Terry, Applique Your Way, from Chronicle Books (fall 2009."


  1. I adore Nice! What a lovely shop ... I especially love her light shades. These spotlights are not good for my budget! I want to go on a shopping spree!

  2. Beautiful shop - I love the diverse selection!

  3. oh my such beautiful art!! how wonderful!!

    so much talent here vicki

  4. What beautiful images and her shop has a wonderful selection!


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