Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's YOUR Style?

Good morning! How's your week going so far? I hope it hasn't had too many challenges and that the one's that have come your way, haven't been too overwhelming. It's been a good week for me so far. I've been feeling better (more energy) and I even had some good news that I'll share with you on Friday. ;)

As you might already know, we live in an old Craftsman Style home (1918) in the Seattle area. We've been slooooowly refurbishing it over the last 12 years, but we still have a long way to go. Anyways, we're planning on painting the interior soon and I've decided to go with white and cream, which is surprising, because I'm a big fan of COLOR. Through the process of choosing paint color, I've been thinking alot about what my decorating style is and I think I've finally narrowed it down to two styles!

~ Farmstyle Cottage
~ Elegant Vintage Style

These styles seem so opposite in ways, but they do have similarities. The first photo above is from Pottery Barns Farmstyle Collection. I love the rustic, homey feel of this room. I also like the RICH WARM COLORS against the OFF-WHITE walls. I'm a real fan of ORANGE in an earthy tone like the orange you see in the bedding. I would actually add a little more of it to the room through toss pillows and accessories, though.

The second bedroom (via Gathering Spriggs) is much more glamourous and feminine and would be my "dream room" or a place I would love to visit and spend lots of time daydreaming and relaxing in. I love the vintage touches, the WHITE wood floors, and the SOFT PASTELS.

There are two common factors in my two dream bedrooms:

1. Wood everything(wood floors, wood furniture, etc)! Even though the second room is much more elegant, both rooms have a natural feel because of all of the wood surfaces.

2. Colorful bedding/accessories against white walls. Sigh....I just love this combination.

What about YOU? What is your decorating style? Do you have more than one?


  1. Vicki I am right there with you...I too adore, ADORE color. And for those of us obsessed and drawn to color in all things creating a neutral (white, cream, gray) backdrop with natural materials like wood and metal allows the riot of color that is our art work, cushions, curios and concrete bits of captured memories feel vibrant and lively while still fostering a sense of 'home' (secure, warm, peaceful, contained).

    I hope you'll post a few pictures of your progress with your interiors?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Letha. You're very good at wording things and I agree 100 percent with what you wrote.

    Our progress is so slow you would have to follow my blog for years! ;)

  3. I really like both of these interiors. Do you feel like your style tends toward one over the other? I am definitely more of the cottage. There just seems to be more going on there in the way of books and papers and things stashed away. I am a stasher.

  4. I am with you - I think a mixture of the two styles would make for gorgeous interiors. They each have their own charm and would work to complement each other perfectly!

  5. Ooh, both are's such a tough choice!! Both can be made cozy and home-y, both have beautiful color schemes...
    I too am a fan of color, but sometimes soft color is the perfect thing :)
    Good luck with all your decorating adventures, and please report back!!

  6. I have such a mix-mash of tastes when it comes to decorating! I like the sleek modern look, but I also like the farmhouse chic look - so I am pretty scattered, lol.

  7. Thanks for your comments, sweet ladies. :) It's fun learning about other people's style!

    Ta, if I lived all by myself without a hubby and teens, I'd probably choose the second room. But, at this time in my life, I think the first room is a little more practical and I love it anyways. ;)

  8. Hi! I am new to your blog and I LOVE your banner. It should be beautiful as it is about color inspiration around here and your colors are LOVELY! You know...I would say I am similar.

    I love a little bit of linen and chandeliers.

    I have a war with my self all the time...white furniture or wood furniture or painted about all three!?

  9. this is fantastic, we must be on the same wavelength ! I have been pondering about style this week on my blog as the result of questionning I have at the moment about finding my voice and own style in photography and ideas that come out from an e-course I am actually doing :)I like pale white and beige tones as a background and then adding colours here and there (or not) depending on how I feel on the moment, little touches that can make a whole room so different :)

  10. I've fallen in love with the farm style lately. It's a wonderful mixture of cozy, color, wood and old & well loved items. I'm not sure how I can incorporate it into my suburban style home, but I'm going to be brainstorming the idea for awhile.


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki