Monday, January 11, 2010

Call to Photographers!!!

Beautiful photo by Susannah T

Well, it's that time again! The first week of February will be our first 2010 SPOTLIGHT ON PHOTOGRAPHERS! If you're interested in submitting your work, here's what you need to do:

1. Send a link to your shop, blog, and/or website to No need to attach photos to your email. I'll look them up using the links you send. :)

2. I'll be choosing 15 photographers and 3-4 photos from each to feature every day during the first week of February.

3. The deadline to submit your work is this Friday, January 15th.

4. I'll post the names of the featured photographers here on Simply Hue this coming coming Monday, January 18th! Please stop by to see if your name is on the list. I get quite a few submissions, so don't be hurt if your name isn't listed. I wish I could choose everyone, but it makes for a full week featuring even 3 a day.

I look forward to hearing from you and looking through all of your beautiful photos!!!


  1. ooh pls help me start off the year with a bang!!!

  2. oh, this sounds lovely!


    peace and love,

  3. Vicki, you posted so many of my images in June and I love your latest work. Anyway, I sent you some blog love over at my spot, plus an award you have to go collect! Keep up the beautiful imagery!

  4. I just sent you an email. So excited!

  5. I emailed. I'm thrilled you're offering this! Thank you!

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed, but looking forward to the Spotlight on photographers series no matter what... Thanks for organizing!

  7. You're welcome, everyone. I'm excited about this, too! Wish I could feature everyone. :)

  8. Oh, I'm one day late. :( What a bummer. :(


  9. It's OK Hannah... I think there will be other ones...

  10. There will be, Hannah. :)


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~ Vicki