Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spotlight on Artists ~ Day 4

Image by Art By Christi

Well, here we are again! lol. I hope you're enjoying your mini tour through a virtual art gallery. I'm loving it! I also appreciate all of your kind and generous comments. You're such a nice group of people. ;)

I've made one small change I wanted to let you know about. Instead of announcing the winner of Deanna's GIVEAWAY tomorrow, I'm going to announce it on Monday. I just want to make sure that tomorrow's artists receive as many comments as the other featured artists. ;) Thanks for understanding.

O.k., go and enjoy today's amazing talents!


  1. GORGEOUS and creative. I am a huge fan of color

  2. i love how close-up the photo was taken. very eye catching!

  3. What a great photo! The colors are so nice and's gorgeous!


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