Thursday, November 5, 2009

Featured Artist ~ Katy Gromball

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"I cut and stick papers since.. I can't remember how long i've been doing this!

I love using precious Japanese papers, threads and illustrations of the 1950s.
I draw my inspirations mainly from Music.. and coffee that I drink far too much.

I live in the rainy east of France, with my freaky family: ema (the dog), mariane (the best sister & friend in the world) and jude (my lovely husband).

You can find more about my work here:

I do my best to create a sweet and cosy place, where I hope you'll feel good.
So, don't be shy, stop by and say 'hello'."


  1. These are sweet and cozy. I see these perfectly matched for a little girls very posh bedroom. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day!

  2. katy's work is a pure delight. so pretty and whimsical.

  3. it is delicate and lovely. very small-like and at the same time powerful. the colors of the skater chasing the flower/snowflake are lovely, and I love the wind and the blowing leaves in the second. oh your work is very nice

  4. I love that you leave so much white space in these with the bold colors where they are just needed. beautiful!

  5. well, thank you so much for these kind words.. it means a world to me. thank you, pretty girls.

  6. Such adorable work and with a lovely serene feeling.

  7. Love the eclectic feel of her work, and her use of negative space. Very refreshing!


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