Friday, October 23, 2009

Featured Artists for the Spotlight on Artists!

Image by Anna Marie Horner

Good morning! Well, it's that time.....time to announce the artists I've selected for the SPOTLIGHT ON ARTISTS to be featured the first week in November. I've listed their name first and then the name of their shop or website. There are 15 artists listed and I'm waiting to hear from a few more that I contacted personally. :) Are you ready? O.k., here goes!

Kelsey ~ A New Perspective
Deanna ~ Deanna Maree
Heather ~ FL Young Studio
Rita ~ Red Banana
Judit ~ Designers Scrapbook
Jaime ~ Jaime
Caroline ~ Cool Ranch Studio
Letha ~ Letha Colleen
Darlene ~ A Dancing Mango
Patricia ~
Cathie ~ Magic Markers Art
Suyumbike ~ Suyumbike Guvene
Eve ~ Eve Peach
Stephanie ~ Stephanie Fizer
Jamie and Tammy ~ The Small Woods

Congratulations, everyone!!!


  1. thank you, vicki! i am so happy and honored to be included in this group - and can't wait to see everyone's work. have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You're welcome, Caroline! You have a great weekend, too. :)

  3. Super thanks! I can't wait to see all the artists' work!

  4. Thank you very much for selecting my works as well. It's a pleasure to be here and makes me curious to see all the works.. Thanks everyone..

  5. Thanks very much Vicki for including me in this list. I can hardly wait to see all the other artists included. Yay!!

  6. You're welcome, everyone. :) I'm really excited to feature all of your artwork!

  7. Vicki - My heart leaps! Thank you for the honor of having my work featured on your beautiful site. I sincerely appreciate this and look forward to viewing each artists feature.

  8. I've come from Rita's blog -- this looks much for me to see and learn about some wonderful artists!

  9. Looking forward to this, bring on November!:)

  10. Oh My Gosh,
    Vicki.. I just got an email and found out today.. 10.29.!!
    I can not thank you enough.. and those who choose, I don't know too much about this so you must enlighten me ..
    Thank you so much to everyone..
    I can't wait to share in this adventure!
    Hugs, Darlene Pringle

  11. Congratulations to everyone. Darlene, you go girl!


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~ Vicki