Tuesday, October 13, 2009

26 Olive Street!

Good morning. :) I'm heading out the door for the day but wanted to share a great website and shop with you today! They're called 26 Olive Street. I love what they wrote about themselves in their profile so I think I'll do a little copying/pasting and let you read it. ;)

"We over here at the 26 Olive Street shop are a little (ok, extremely) obsessed with anything vintage. Enamored, really. We have quite the passion for collecting and wandering about every flea, antique, or thrift shop we come across. (As if this is by accident...)

Truth be told, we'd hoard everything for ourselves, but connecting with others who share our appreciation for quality objects is just as fulfilling!"

Their website and blog are addictive if you are someone who loves anything vintage (like me!). Plan on spending a chunk of time there. Their blog includes such topics as: Art, Books, Design, Etsy, Events, Fashion, Film, Flickr, Fonts, Green Interiors, News, Photography, Shops, and Transportation....all with a vintage theme.

Here's just a sample of the items they sell in their COLORFUL Etsy Shop!

Have fun on your trip to 26th. Olive Street! See you tomorrow. xo


  1. Cool, I like their shop...so colorful!

  2. Vicki...I love their shop! I found them via Flickr (from whence all good things flow) a while back. Besides having the best eye for vintage items (and the best photo styling) they are just the nicest people too... Loved seeing them showcased here!

  3. I LOVE that top image! Such great colors! I went to a trend presentation today for work at the GlobalTex show at the Convention Center here in L.A., and they said the color of the year is RED. And BRIGHTS. Big, bold colors are where it's at! And they said TAUPE has been selling across all categories too. What was really interesting is that they talked about how color is now treading across everything from clothes to home goods to accessories. The same colors in all the stores. So interesting and glad I get to play with colors for a living!

  4. Thanks for the information Living in L.A. Sounds like a fun convention! What do you do for a living? Are you an interior designer?

    Also, I appreciate your comments, Zee and Letha. :) I love their website and products, too. They do an amazing job!

  5. great find. thanks for sharing! I love their mission statement. and your heart for sharing your heart with us all!

  6. I love how bright and colorful everything is! Just my style.

  7. That wooden monkey is too adorable! Thanks for the link!


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