Monday, August 17, 2009

There's Just Something About Blue

Blue is: Peaceful
Blue is: Calming
Blue is: Tranquil
Blue is: Restful
Blue is: Refreshing
Blue is: Water
Blue is: Sky

In surveys, BLUE is most people's FAVORITE COLOR. How about you? What's your favorite color? I must be in the minority because I'm partial to GREENS and BROWNS. ;)


  1. I was just thinking what a tranquil place you've created over here and then there's that word. Love it when little things like that happen.

    My favorite color is red and has been for years now. Such a vibrant color that can be cheery or dramatic or so many others. It's a great accent with other colors too.

  2. i am partial to greens because i think of it as mother nature's neutral. i love flowers and green goes with all of them. i love soft blues, too.

  3. I didn't know it was most people's favourite colour! It's mine too :) Lighter blue, both in pastel and vibrant tones. Light pink, in its less common tones, is a close second. In clothes I often seem drawn to grey, as well.

  4. orange! haha... but I love so many colours, my wedding will be chartreuse, silver and gold... my bedroom is green and most of the rest of my house is turquoise (with orange accents!)

  5. Blue is my second favorite color and Green is my first. So I must be a minority too. That's okay. I am used to it! :)

  6. I love all of the pastel tones. This palette is beautiful

  7. Blue tones are soooooo soothing. It reminds me of being at the ocean on a clear day. The sky blue...the ocean blue...against the sandy tones. Ahhh. Serenity. Thanks Vicki!


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~ Vicki