Monday, August 17, 2009

Calling All Designers!

Jewelry Design by Kathi Roussel A few months ago I featured Kathi's work. I love how she styles her jewelry photos!

Good morning.....another week ahead of us. We can do it! Doesn't life feel a little bit like a marathon at times? It would be nice to have a crowd cheering us on from the sidelines on some days. ;) Anyway, I hope this one's an especially good week for you and that you were able to relax and make some good memories over the weekend. I went to the lake with my Mom yesterday, and other than wasps buzzing around us the whole time, it was great just to relax, absorb the beauty, and catch up with all the news. We need times like this in life, don't we?

O.k., as promised, I'm starting a new series "SPOTLIGHT ON DESIGNERS". Whether you design jewelry, handbags, greeting cards, textiles, or pottery I would love to hear from you and possibly feature your work on Simply Hue during the first week in September. Beginning today and throughout this week I'll be accepting submissions. The main things I'm looking for are 1. That your designs fit the basic aesthetic of Simply Hue 2. Attractive photo styling, and 3. Clear images.

This series will work a little differently than the spotlight on photographers, though. I'll only be able to choose twenty designers to spotlight. This is really hard for me because I hate turning anyone away, but I want to run this series for just ONE week instead of the two weeks we had for photographers. Please don't be hurt if you're not chosen. I'll have another SPOTLIGHT ON DESIGNERS in a few months. :)

* Note: Instead of sending images of your work, please send me a link to your SHOP or WEBSITE via my email address at I'll contact you early next week to let you know if you've been chosen to be a featured designer. Thanks so much for participating!


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see them all!

  2. Hihi, well yes my life is a marathon at times....

    Have a great week
    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

  3. I'll be thrilled to see what you discover :)

  4. I remember seeing Kathi's work and loving it. These spotlights are fun!

  5. Thanks for your comments. :) K. Obrien, I'm having fun, too! Btw, you ought to send me a link to your jewelry shop. ;)

  6. Vicki,I have posted a link on my blog for artists to submit to you!! Cant wait. Sounds like so much fun!

  7. Can't wait! I know you'll feature some wonderful designers!


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~ Vicki