Friday, July 3, 2009

A Polaroid 4th of July!

Have a great weekend celebrating the RED, WHITE, and BLUE!

I hope your 4th. of July brings moments like this.....

And desserts like this!

And simple pleasures like this....

Happy 4th. of July, Everyone! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by this week. I love the thought that you're "out there" even though we may never meet and I especially value your comments.

Next week should be fun.....I have an interview with a gifted artist and will be announcing the Gabrielle Kai print giveaway on Wednesday. It's not too late to enter by the way. And, if you love Ruche you'll be excited about an announcement I'm going to make at the end of next week. ;)

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!!!

Image Credits:

1. American Flag ~ Dan Rubin
2. Dress ~ By Kim
3. Ice-cream ~ Mayu
4. Strawberries ~ Supercapacity
5. Girl and Watermelon ~ Lucy Nurnberg


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki