Monday, July 6, 2009

Bathrooms on The Brain!

I like the rustic, earthy feel of this bathroom. A tin tub, too!

This red tub really caught me eye. Its bold color makes it stand out in an otherwise neutral color scheme.

Because of the lavendar rug and neutral wall color, this room feels restful and soothing......a great place to unwind.

Wow, what a feminine retreat! I love the floral pattern of the shower curtain and the wood chandelier (at least I think it's wood).

I like the simplicity of this bathroom. The huge tub is a real plus, too.


1. Olive bathroom ~ Ooh Food's photostream (via Desire to Inspire)
2. Red tub ~ Xjavierx photostream
3. Beige bathroom ~ Ooh Food (via Apartment Therapy)
4. Red Floral ~ Ooh Food's photostream
5. White and brown bathroom ~ Xjavierx photostream (via Coastal Living)

Out of necessity (our dog pulled up our bathroom floor!) we are in the middle of a major bathroom remodel, so I've got bathroom on the brain this morning. ;) Here are a few that caught my attention on Flickr. Our goal is to do everything as inexpensively as possible and so far we're doing pretty well! Instead of tile we're using laminate, we're repainting the old cabinets and trim, and went to Home Depot for just about everything. I'm going for a "spa" theme and have decided on WHITE, GRAY GREEN, and CHOCOLATE BROWN for the colors.

Have you ever done a bathroom remodel? What was your biggest challenge?


  1. We have to remodel our bathroom so badly. My little dog has been pulling out the stuff between the floor tiles. It's loose because one of the tiles cracked and is missing a piece. We don't even have the base boards up in there either... ugh it drives me insane!

  2. I hear you, Laura. It sounds like our dogs have similar personalities. ;) Our bathroom has a loooong way to go, but I think it will be worth it in the end. Thanks for your comment!

  3. these baths are amazing!!

    ps, my e-mail address is :)

  4. WOW! Im in love Vicki! What a fun post! My favorite is the bathroom with the red floral shower curtain. I need one of those right now. Its been one of those days! You have to share pics of your remodel when you are done!


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