Sunday, June 7, 2009

Country Cottage in New York

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The EARTHY BROWNS, NEUTRAL GRAYS, ANTIQUE WHITES, and SILVERY BLUES of this New York country cottage give it a very peaceful and relaxing feel.....exactly the feeling you might want to create in a cottage!

What would be your ideal getaway?


  1. Wow-oh-wow. Look at that countertop. It looks like a boat deck. How wonderful. All of these cottages are just too darling. Did I tell you the word "cottage" itself is one of my favorite words?

  2. I know....isn't that a great countertop! I love anything WOOD. Thanks for your comment, Katie. I visited your blog and it's beautiful. :)

  3. Love all the cottages. great posts. also, did you see the simply hue mention on this blog:

    all the best,

  4. Thanks, Heather! I did come across it when I was visiting The City Sage the other day. It totally shocked me and made my day. :)

  5. This cottage is dreamy, I love the outside!



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