Monday, June 22, 2009

Color Inspiration from..........birds?

How about a bright color scheme like this? Are you that daring? I'm not so sure I am. ;)

What a fun kitchen! Blue and red are almost opposite on the color wheel and their stark contrast makes a room feel alive and vibrant!

Bird images by John & Fish
Lovely room images via Indie Rocket's photostream

I think it's so cool that a color scheme can come from just about anything. If you have some vacation photos you cherish, why not pull them out and draw a color scheme for them? If you have a favorite flower (I love yellow roses because they hold sentimental value for me) take it to the paint store and color match it. Choosing a color palette for your home is all about YOU and your tastes, memories, and lifestyle. Think about the "feel" you would like to create in your home, choose an inspiration piece and go from there! :)


  1. OMG!! Vicki these images are gorgeous!!!! I love it all! and what a concept. Im thoroughly impressed. You will have to help me come up with a color scheme for my new home.

  2. wow, these images are so beautiful! this is so lovely post, now i'll walk around in parks and looking for color inspiration. good thing it's sunny and lovely in stockholm :)

    have a beautiful day!!


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~ Vicki