Monday, May 11, 2009

My favorite color has always been coral or persimmon. I'm drawn to warm colors, first. Our kitchen is painted a deep coral, where I spend so much time baking and cooking for friends and family, so it's essential that I am surrounded by color that makes me feel good. It's a happy and welcoming color. And my ever-growing bowl collection, many green and blue, pop against that lovely shade. People seem drawn to the activity and friendliness of our kitchen and I think the coral has a lot to do with that.

Thanks so much for giving us a peek of your beautiful, welcoming home, Amy!


  1. thanks for sharing with us vicki! and i would love to see what you paint sometime.

  2. Thanks, Sophia. Guess I need to pull out my paintbrushes, huh? I've been sketching a lot lately atleast. ;)


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~ Vicki