Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colorful Style ~ Tryst By Kerry

Isn't this jewelry by "Tyrst By Kerry" mouth-watering? I love the translucent quality of the semi-precious gems! I also like the fact that these pieces will compliment any outfit because of their subtle jewel-toned colors. Here's what the designer says about her jewelry line:

"Each Tryst design is an irresistible combination of modern fashion and vintage charm. Inspired by nature and old world charm, all pieces are handmade and incorporate a mixture of metals, rare vintage treasures and luscious semi-precious gemstones. Our metals used range from sterling silver, gold filled, brass and base metal (when vintage components are used) - all of which are indicated in each description. Through our designs, we hope to delight you with a sense of curiosity and treasured memories of the past.

Tryst jewellery is made in limited editions or one of a kind pieces, so you will be sure to receive something unique and truly special!"

Great work, Kerry!

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