Thursday, May 7, 2009

Colorful Life ~ Live it in Chapters!

Image ~ Asalexandra

I read something that really stuck with me a couple of years ago and that is to LIVE YOUR LIFE IN CHAPTERS. Every life, every person, has a "story". If you look at your life as an intriguing novel you'll live much more in the here and now. This concept reminds me that this may be an intense chapter in my life, but still it's only one chapter. Most likely the next chapter will be a better one. :)

Living your life in chapters and remembering that you have a story (your OWN story) encourages you to live a COLORFUL LIFE. If your story is a little dark right now, remember that in time life will become brighter. Today is just ONE PAGE of your entire life story. xo


  1. That's a nice way of looking at life. Let's always look forward to the happy ending!

  2. I love that, Claire. What an optimistic way of viewing things. :) Thanks for your comment!


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