Monday, March 23, 2009

Interview With Sophia


I am a 29 year old wife and mother who loves to paint. I dream that one day I can do this for a living. I just found Etsy in 2008, but I have been painting for about 6 years. I stay home and take care of my two little girls and when I have spare time, I paint. I am so grateful to Etsy because it has allowed me to build something for myself and feel some sort of accomplishment outside of being a mom. It keeps me sane in other words!


Well, I love to use acrylic paint on canvases and on wood. When I get bored, I will take out my paper and start incorporating it into my paintings. That is how my retro mini art blocks came to be. Mostly all my paintings originate from my sketchbooks that I have filled up in the past years. I usually just browse through them and try to get inspired.


Color is my first love really. I remember when I was a little girl, I use to love organizing my crayons in my school box. Color makes me happy and brings life to everything. I try and come up with different color combinations with every new painting or series. Right now, I am loving navy blues and red orange! I sometimes check out to get ideas. My paintings start out with a color palette in mind first. Then I decide what I can do with those colors and how I will balance them out so they compliment each other and the design as well. If you see my art closet, you will see that I am totally addicted to buying paint. They just look so pretty lined up on the shelves at the craft store. I have to buy all the colors that suit my mood for that day I guess.


The color I am most attracted to is green. I know this because my closet has a ton of green clothes in it. I love to use turquoise in my paintings in case you haven't noticed. It just seems like a clean, fresh color and most colors look good next to it. I love oranges because they warm up a space and make it feel cozy. The colors I usually stay away from are pinks and purples. But I am trying to come up with something that I can use purple in, maybe with yellow and gray.


  1. Thank you Vicki! I had fun working with you on this interview, your a sweetheart.

  2. You're so welcome, Sophia. You've been very easy to work with Good luck with all your future endeavors!


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