Monday, March 23, 2009

Bold Yellow & Gray Color Scheme

curvy window seat
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I love this room! It has everything I look for in a color scheme. Beautiful neutrals (grey tones) and vivid accent colors (the bold sunflower yellow and touches of robin' s egg blue). No single color dominates this palette. There's balance and flow. I'm loving the contemporary patterns of the toss pillows, too!

If you want to mimick this color scheme in your home, here are my recommendations (Benjamin Moore Paints) Use the gray for your walls and the blue and yellow as accents around your room:

ELEPHANT GRAY ~ #2109 50
BLUE SPA ~ #2052-40


  1. It's surprising that even though yellow is such a vibrant color it feels so calming paired with gray. That bench is definately a custom piece--love the modern patterns on the cushions and what a glorious window of light!

    Enjoying your blog today--thanks. :-)


  2. Thank you for your kind comments, Tina. This is a new blog and it's so refreshing to see a comment! Glad you enjoyed what you saw today. :)

  3. Love that window seat, makes me want to crawl in and stay for a while.

  4. I agree! There are some really great colors out for 2009. They're contemporary, but comforting.

    Thanks for your comment, Maria!


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