Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreamy Imagery by Lucy Snow Photography

Good morning! Did you have a nice weekend? Did you do anything fun or was it a weekend spent catching up? I know how that goes. ;) My husband and I went to a play in Seattle on Saturday put on by Taproot Theater Company. It was called The Odessy. Do you remember reading that book in elementary school? Anyways, I had the cutest little girl (8 years old) sitting by me at the play giving me the "low down" through every scene. Her teacher is reading the book series to her class and she knew exactly what was going to happen next. I love kids', so I just drank it all in! In fact, my husband and I were already in our seats when she and her cousin were being seated and my husband looked at me and said, "Here...I'll move over so you can sit by her." lol. He knew I would want to sit by this little girl and chat the whole play and his goal was to actually watch it. ;)

Have a great new week, friends, and enjoy these peaceful images by Lucy Snow Photography. xo


  1. have inspired me....this is such a gorgeous blog...I was looking below at your dream home (mine too!!!)....I am so honored to be with these beautiful such a talented photographer as yourself. Cheers, Lucy

  2. these are gorgeous! lovely

  3. Vicki- you are just too dang talented for your own good! I love your sense of style and am always totally smitten by your photos. I am especially inspired by your ability to see so much beauty in the world, in spite of facing enormous health challenges. Wow, you are just awesome. I linked to your blog on my blog today. I hope that's okay... your work is just too beautiful not to share.

  4. this is really amazing! the ballerina image is one of my favourites! :) and you have a sweet husband my friend, really sweet!! hugs, twiggs

  5. Thanks for your commments,'re all just so nice. ;)

    Whitney, I wish I could claim these photos, but they are by Luci Snow Photography. Isn't she talented?!

  6. WoWWWW!!!Fantastic shots!!! Salut!!!


  7. Vicki, that is the cutest story and I love the work of this photographer. I love that your husband just knew...hope this has been a good week for you!

    xo Mary Jo


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