Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Well, hi there.  How are you doing on this fine Tuesday morning?  To be honest, it was really a challenge for me to blog yesterday with the very sad news about the shootings in Connecticut a few days ago.  It's been so difficult to process that such a horrific event took place ... an event that involved small innocent children.  I think that, not only are we grieving in the U.S., but so many of our friends around the world are grieving along with us.  Heartwrenching news like this has a way of bringing us all together, doesn't it?

When my heart feels heavy I have several ways of coping.  I cry, I vent my feelings out loud, I pray, and I look for beauty in the world.  One avenue of beauty and a great distraction when thoughts and emotions are overwhelming is to get on Pinterest.  From beautifully photographed nature photos, to luscious recipes, beautiful holiday images, and gorgeous fashion photos, it's a haven for me and reminds me of all the beauty still left in our world.

QUESTION:  How do you cope when something painful happens in your life?

This morning I spent about a half hour pinning new fashion images to my "Fun with Fashion" board.  I hope you can find a little comfort and peace by browsing through my Pinterest boards and maybe even create an account for yourself ... if you don't already have one.   ;)

Thanks for taking the time in your busy day to stop by, sweet friends.  xo


  1. I tried to find your pinterest so I can follow you.


    1. Here's a link to my Pinterest, Maggie. :)



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