Friday, August 24, 2012


So glad it's Friday!  How about you?  We're having some "Fall-ish" weather here in the Seattle area and I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time outside.  Hope you have fun plans or even just plans to relax and lay low this weekend. 

On Sunday my husband and I visited a small island about an hour north of us called Jetty Island.  We took a little boat across the water to get there.  The boat ride literally took about 2 minutes.  The island was really beautiful but we vowed to bring an umbrella, volleyball, and sunscreen with us next time!  I took the above photos there. 

Also, my brother came up on Tuesday and we went out for a Mexican dinner and enjoyed catching up.  He's the nicest guy ... very easygoing .... and it had been over a month since I'd seen him.

Some other GREAT news I learned this week is that I'll be leasing a beautiful Palomino half Arabian half Quarterhorse Mare (she looks a lot like THIS) starting next Monday!!  It's just a partial lease (no way could I afford the full lease) which includes a weekly lesson and another day just to come hang out with her, groom her, etc.  I'll have to earn my keep by cleaning stalls and tack, weeding around the fences, etc.  Way worth the work in my opinion!

Other than that, I changed up my blog a bit (again) and edited a couple new photos.  :)

Did you have a good week?  What's new?


  1. It's feeling Fallish here in Portland, too, Vicki! But I'm really not ready for Summer to end :~(

    I love Seattle! I wish I had moved there instead of Portland. I have several friends up in Seattle, so I hope to go visit them again one of these days. I will have to ask them if they know about Jetty Island~~it sounds charming!

    I hope you will take lots of photso of "your" horse!

  2. Oh Vicki, congratulations on finding a horse - the one in the photo is beautiful! I love Palomino-coloured horses. Hope you'll share some photos of her! Working for the lease sounds like a good solution. Have you noticed how cleaning stables is quite okay as long as you get to be around horses?
    I'm staying with my mum for a few weeks before The Big Move. It's in the countryside, so there's time to start some creative processes. Fall is sneaking up on us here in Norway, too, which means making apple pie from the apples in the garden, and starting to use the fireplace again. September is nice =)
    Have a lovely week Vicki!


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