Thursday, August 2, 2012


Photo by Something to See

Hello again.  :)  I have a fun announcement to make!   I've decided to move forward with offering a Do-it-Yourself e-course with D.I.Y. lessons taught by creative women from around the world.  Doesn't that sound fun?  I received several submissions a few months ago but would love to add even more to the course.


1. Please e-mail your submissions to me at (feel free to submit up to 3 projects).

2. It would be ideal if you could send me a finished DIY article (with clear precise directions and high quality, bright, step-by-step photos in jpeg. format.  If this isn't possible right now, just send your ideas along with a couple of images so I have an idea of how your photos would look in a blog post.

3. I'm looking for all sorts of creative DIY project ideas including handcrafts, art/illustration, sewing, and photography. Your project should be beginning to intermediate level to accommodate most students. Feel free to send me ideas for each.

4. In the end I'll choose just 8-12 crafters and their projects. NOTE: This is not a paid opportunity but will give you, your talents, and your shop (if you have one) exposure. I'll also offer each chosen artist/crafter three months of ad space on Simply Hue!

5. The last day to submit your DIY project(s) is September 1st. I'll contact you personally if I decide to use your project.   :)

6.  The e-course start date to be announced!

Thanks so much for participating. This will be fun!!!


  1. What a fun idea! Looking forward to seeing the submissions! Now I've got to think if I've got a special something to add : )

    1. Oh, I'd love to have you come up with something, Andree! Let me know! :) Think of you often and hope you're doing well. xx

  2. Oh Vicki, this sounds so fun... Wish I could find the time to think of something nice to submit - but things have been so hectic, and it's becoming absolutely crazy now we're moving cross country. I hope there'll be another chance, because starting this autumn, there's a period of time when I might have much more time on my hands =)
    Until then, I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with!
    Have a lovely weekend Vicki!
    Trud xo

    1. Hi Trud! I didn't realize you were moving across the country ... anywhere close to Seattle? ;)

      When things settle down, I'd love to feature you on Simply Hue again. Or, if you have time to put together a DIY at some point, that would be awesome! xo

    2. Hi Vicki, thank you so much! Sorry, I won't be anywhere close to Seattle... I'm just moving cross country in Norway ;)
      I'll email you when I've got a bit of time! xo

  3. This is such a nice idea! I´m crocheting creatures to love. My camera is new (second hand) and I´m not very experienced yet. But I will try!

    1. Your crochet creatures sound wonderful, Amina. I'd love to see some photos when they're completed! :)


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~ Vicki