Thursday, August 23, 2012


A contact of mine on Instagram had one of these sweet coloring books posted in her photostream and right away I knew it was something I wanted to share with you.  In fact, I think I might want to personally own one (or more) of these coloring books for grown up "kids"!

Anna, the owner and artist behind Lila Ruby King, is an Australian artist living in Greece (lucky her!).  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts and majored in printmaking with a minor in painting. She's also completed a certificate in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing.

In her shop, you'll find a great collection of handmade paper goods, fabrics, and porcelain accessories featuring her hand-drawn designs.  To see more of Anna's work, you can visit her Flickr Photostream!

P.S. You're not seeing things ... I switched back to my original blog design. It just felt more like home. :)


  1. Hi Vicki. Love these books. I want one! Hope you are well. Rachel x

    1. Hi Rachel! So nice to hear from you. :-)

      I'm doing well. How are you? Do you have an Etsy shop yet? I love your drawings!! xo

    2. Hiya. I did have an etsy shop for a little while but everything has expired now. Wasn't much in there. Think etsy is something to come back to once I have more to sell :)

  2. Thank you for sharing dear Vicki! I love this sort of things as they are very inspiring and they are a perfect example of 'beauty of simplicity'. Hug from this part of the world x


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