Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introducing Beauty Spot

Wow, it's been quite a while since I've blogged!  How have you all been?  Enjoying your Summer so far?  I have this new found energy lately and can't seem to sit down long enough to write a blog post.  ha, ha.  I'll never give up blogging, though, because it's brought so many beautiful things into my life and is such therapy when my MS symptoms flare up.

I just had to pop in and show you this lovely, unique jewelry I found from Beauty Spot on Etsy.  Every piece is so whimsical and fun!  My favorites are the soft mint bird ring and the deer pocket watch.

Have a great Wednesday, friends!  I'll try not to be such a stranger here.  ;)  xo


  1. Now that's some beautiful jewelry Vicki! Love their style:)

  2. Such beautiful pieces! I love how playful they all seem! <3

  3. I've seen this shop on etsy! I love it. Especially those little secret message bottles...I want them all for myself lol :)

  4. :)) I like BeautySpot! Very interesting things =))

  5. So cute!The necklace is adorable!Love it!

  6. So good to know that you are feeling better these days: that really makes me happy! In Belgium, it's summer too, but it rather feels like autumn. Fortunately, in some days I am leaving to Oxford, to have some quality time with Joana and Mel :)
    Thank you for having written this post: I love this sort of things, especially the ring you featured and the little boxes.
    Have a lovely sunday evening and a wonderful week!
    Hug x

    1. Hi Elke, I don't know how I keep missing people's comments. I'll have to check my blog settings to make sure I receive them. :)

      Did you have a fun time with Joana and Mel? Lucky you! I would love to just hang out with all three of you. :)

      Hope you're feeling well...I still have my bad days, too.

      Big hugs!!!

      ~ Vicki


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