Monday, June 11, 2012

My Favorite Flower

Peonies seriously have to be the most gorgeous flower!  My husband cut a bucketful of them for me a few days and some of them were least 9-10 inches in diameter!  Having them placed in vases around our house really brightened my day.  I love yellow roses, too, because they bring back memories of when I was in 8th. grade and responsible for watering our small rose garden...most of which were yellow.

What's YOUR favorite flower and why?


  1. Beautiful peonies, love your blog!

  2. Thank you, Mmakynen...that means a lot to me. :)

  3. I love peonies too, they're so lush and gorgeous. My very favorite though are lilacs. My great grandmother had a huge overgrown lilac bush beside her house when I was growing up. Eventually after she had died (at almost 100 years old!) her house passed around to a few relatives and I spent a year living there. During that time I had a boyfriend who one day came by to see me but first picked a handful of lilacs from the bush and presented me with a bouquet of handpicked lilacs. So they have a special place in my heart from my greatgrandmother and from the best flowers I ever had given to me by a boyfriend, and they smell good :)

  4. How did I forget lilacs?! I love lilacs, too, Phoebe. At our last house we had a purple lilac tree on one side of our porch and a white lilac tree on the other side. I really missed being there to see them this year.

    What a sweet memory for you. :)

  5. Oh, Vicki, You would have loved the town I grew up in! There was a
    Peony festival every year and just about every house in town had a peony bush or ten! When they bloomed the WHOLE town smelled awesome. Then there was a Peony parade, complete with Queen Peony on a giant peony covered float.
    LOL< I'll go next year and take pics so you can see.



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