Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Introducing Mr. Fallow

Good morning!  I'm still trying to come up with some daily themes to help me be more consistent with blogging.  One of them I'm thinking of for days when I'm not feeling well is just to point or direct you to something interesting on the web.  Still trying to come up with a name for this theme day, but the above online shop is an example of what I would point you to .... something unusual and interesting that you might not see every day.

Mr. Fallow (in their own words) is a "hand picked treasure trove of charming pieces for the home. The selection criteria is quite simple; it must be a history, a story to tell, it must be as equally functional as it is beautiful and above all, we must adore it!"

I have to admit that I'm more into faux taxidermy than the real thing. I'm a big animal/nature lover and it would make me feel a little sad to see one of their head's hooked above my fireplace. The good news is that Mr. Fallow carries both real and faux taxidermy pieces.  :)

Have fun browsing their unique website! xo


  1. Hey Vicki, I love this post.

    I am automatically attracted to anything with antlers. I don't know what it is? Anyway...I must admit I'm married to an archery hunter...and he is automatically attracted to anything with antlers too...but for obviously different reasons. ;)

    It's always interesting around here to say the least!

    Hoping you can be feeling well soon...and that the title for your daily post will come to you quickly!

    Cheers my dear!

    1. Hello, my sweet friend, Trisha. I always love when you comment. :) I'll be dropping by your blog soon!

      That's funny about you and your husband. You make a great team then!

      I'm definitely going to see you sometime this Summer!! xoxo


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