Friday, May 18, 2012

Introducing The Hope Tree

Good morning. :) Can't believe this week is almost through! It's one of those weeks where I look back and feel like I accomplished next to nothing. Have you ever had one of those weeks? I started out with all of these big goals and ended up just keeping up with daily tasks and unplanned events. I think that's o.k. from time to time, though. Tomorrow's a new day, right?

I thought today I'd pop in to introduce you to one of my newest sponsors, The Hope Tree (also known as "French Vintage) I was so fortunate to be able to work out a trade with her for a vintage French artist's paint box from the early 1900's. I can hardly wait to receive it in the mail and plan on taking lots of photos!! Hayley lives in France and finds the most exquisite antique French items to sell in her shop. I especially love the tiny framed brooch and the vintage music sheets. Enjoy browsing, and if you have a second, come back and let me know a couple of your favorites. :)


  1. A good trade is always fun! And I like the look of her etsy many beautiful things...

    1. I know, I love trading! Thanks for being my one and only commenter lately, Phoebe. Ha, ha.

  2. Oh, you're welcome! I guess everyone is out doing summertime-y things :) Hope all is well on the west coast.

  3. My daughter and I when to Doll House to buy a Sherri Lee dress that my daughter was obsessed with. I received no service from the sales staff until I asked. They gave my daughter a few styles to try on when asked what size my daughter would be, she pointed at the dress my daughter had on and said “that size”. I noticed that the dresses had no size tags on them and when I asked the sales staff about that, they got frustrated with me and gave no explanation. So I left the store with a much deflated daughter, went home and ordered the dress online and saved $200.


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