Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Could Live Here

Good morning. :) Having a good week so far? I've been keeping pretty busy with our new Havanese puppy, Finley! If I can get him to hold still long enough, I'll post a couple of photos. ;) I spotted these photos a few days ago via Deco Photo Blog and knew right away that I could seriously settle down in a home/cabin like this. I adore the neutral colors, all the natural wood work, and the comfy welcoming mood. You know me, though ... I couldn't be perfectly content without a little more color! Paint a few accent walls and toss a few colorful pillows and throw blankets on the furniture and I could settle down.  

What about YOU? Could you live here?


  1. I'd love to live in that snowy atmosphere! We haven't had a decent snowfall in Richmond for several winters now and I miss it. I love the room with the built in bunk.
    Can't wait to see pics of your new puppy :) They have a way of getting right into your heart don't they?

    1. Oh, they really do, Phoebe. He is so cute! He's a lot smaller than I thought he'd be, but that just makes him all the cuter. ha, ha.

      Hoping for snow in Richmond!!! :-)

  2. This looks like paradise to me! As a child, we used to rent places looking like this when we traveled to Austria or Switzerland or France with our parents.
    But if a home like this would be mine, I'd do exactly the same. Add some colourful accents, to accentuate the beauty and the simplicity of the natural materials even more ...
    Thank you for sharing! It looks quite the same as the drawing I made of my dream house, while reading The Artist's Way :)

    1. O.k., I want to see your drawing! You're so lucky to have stayed in places like this growing up! Sounds like we have the same tastes in interior decorating. :-)

      Have a lovely day, friend!

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Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki