Monday, January 16, 2012

Romantic Photography by Nathalie

Good morning. :) How was your weekend? Ours was so nice! We had a couple of inches of snow and since we don't get it too often here in the Seattle area, my husband and I took advantage of it, got all bundled up, and walked to the Marina. It was really a special site to see seagulls resting on the snow covered docks, boats covered in white, and the historic downtown shops dressed in white. I took several photos and will post them on my personal blog one day this week.

It's good to be back on Simply Hue! I admit, I have been slacking off lately. As you probably know, I was pretty sick all of December and it's just been so hard to get back into the swing of things. But here I am and I'm hoping I can post at least few times this week.

What better way to start then with the lovely romantic photos taken by my friend, Nathalie ? Nathalie is extremely talented and has quite a fan following! Her photos are soft, feminine, and dreamy and give the viewer a taste of France, Nathalie's home.

You can discover more of her BEAUTIFUL work when you visit her shop, Lumiere du Matin. If you want to learn more about, Nathalie, you might want to take my mini creativity e-course, Droplets, mid-February where I'll feature an interview with her and several other talented artists. More info. to come soon. ;)

I'll leave you with a quote from Nathalie:

Photography is a meditation.
Mindful of the light playing on the natural world around me, not only I see, I hear, I smell, I feel.
It is my life, my "art de vivre".


  1. Gorgeous photography... that kind of modern vintage look is beautiful.
    Photography is my passion too..
    I hope you are feeling top of the world again!?
    Jennie. x

  2. Thank you, Jenny. I'm feeling much better! :) I'd love to see your photography...I'll check out your blog today. xx

  3. Beautiful imagery-love the first one!

    BTW, I'm giving a free blog design makeover giveaway, if you know any one that wants a new look for their blog!

  4. Thanks for sharing Nathalie's photography! And lovely to read there will be a next edition of Droplets! I will be there :) xxx

    1. Yes, I'm excited about it, Elke! I'm going to play it by ear to see if I'll offer it mid-February or early March, but I'm leaning towards mid-February. :) xo!

  5. Yay! Nathalie. I'm a fan of hers too.

  6. These are so lovely. Both you and your friend are such talents.

  7. bonjour Vicki and everyone, it is a pleasure to be here,
    merci beaucoup :)

    1. Thank YOU, Nathalie! Your work is amazing!! xo


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