Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Instagram Loveliness by Kristybee Photography

In my humble opinion, some of the most beautiful, soft, and feminine images on the web are taken by Kristy Mercer Campbell. I was thrilled when I began seeing her post gorgeous images taken with her iphone using Instagram! My phone upgrade came up a couple of months ago and I was able to get an iphone for next to nothing. One of the main reasons I wanted one in the first place was to use this fun photography application. Kristy's images inspire me and I can't wait to get some use out of this program! Oh, and if are looking for dreamy romantic actions to use with your photos, Kristy recently began selling her own RIGHT HERE!

To view or purchase Kristy's romantic photos you can visit her Etsy shop or her Society 6 shop. :)


  1. The first picture is incredible!
    hugh Anja

  2. I agree with Anja about the first picture! I haven't gotten around to trying Instagram yet, but this is inspiring. I also wanted to share this link with you:

    Maybe this could be fun to use with your new iPhone?


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