Monday, December 12, 2011

Rustic Decorating Ideas from Ikea

Images found via Deco Photo Blog

O.k., after seeing these photos I want to own my own cabin in the hills with a blazing fire to cozy up to and rustic decor surrounding me. My first choice to stay at on a vacation is always the ocean (a cozy beach cottage is best) but a close second would be a rustic cabin or lodge in the mountains. For more holiday decorating ideas, you can take a look at Ikea's Winter Catalog!

How about you? What's your favorite place to stay on vacations?


  1. A cozy beach cabin where the sound of the waves, smell of salt air, and miles of beachcombing await!
    Like you, my very close second is a rustic mountain cabin with the addition of a nearby body of water...river, stream, lake...water is a draw for nature and I enjoy the animals that it brings. Water is healing :)

  2. OOo, what lovely rustic Christmas images. I'd love to spend Christmas or new year somewhere really snowy in the mountains one year with a log fire and all that kind of thing.

  3. For me it definitly the seaside. Or staying together with friends and family with good meals and talks equal where - just being together...

  4. I'd love both locations, in good company :) Often dreaming about a cabin too, as it's so romantic and inspiring. I'd love to decorate one ... (or two :)) Warm hug to you dear Vicki! Thinking a lot of you these days xxx


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~ Vicki