Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Colorful Pottery by Marymee Studio

Talent just abounds on Etsy! Discovered Marymee Studio recently on Etsy and there's enough colorful eye candy in her handmade pottery shop to keep me online way too long. If you have some extra time yourself, pay her a visit!

Here's what Sarah, the artist and designer behind this fine pottery, has to say about her work:

"My name is Sarah Marymee. I am a potter/artist with a studio in Nebraska. The focus of this shop is my pottery work, both wheel thrown, hand built and a combination of the two. However, I also work in a number of other areas, including printmaking, painting, and stained glass - I work wherever the inspiration strikes! I love the ideas that cross over from one area of art to the next and think it helps to keep my work fresh and evolving."


  1. Oh, this is so beautiful. Especially love Sarah's last sentence: 'I love the ideas that cross over from one area ...' It's so true: I experience the same. My photography and my writing inspire each other and change the way I am seeing the world.

    Happy Holidays to you dear Vicki! I hope your health situation allows you to enjoy these cosy days.

    Warm hug


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