Monday, October 24, 2011

Due to popular demand .....

Hi again! I've been receiving requests about offering one more Autumn session of Raining Umbrellas Creativity E-course. Would you be interested in joining us? It really is a lot of fun and I believe you'll find all the inspiration you need to inspire you in your creativity. Just follow this link to the e-course page to sign up and I'll send you some info. right away! :)

NOTE: We need at least 15 students in class to make it a go. :)


  1. This sounds fabulous, if I wasn't already taking another e-course at the same time, I would love too join :)

    I love your blog, it makes me think of the old "country time lemonade" commercials where the kids are riding their bikes through grassy fields, feeling carefree as the summer sun warms their faces ... I love that commercial. I see that is a strange comparison, but BOTH make me smile :)

  2. Thanks, Julie. That's really sweet! :)


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