Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stunning Black and White Photography

1. Rebecca Plotnik, 2. Katy Lloyd, 3. J. Refer Photography, 4. The Medium Control

You know, I post a lot of colorful images on Simply Hue (makes sense because this is a blog about color), but I really do appreciate black and white photography and works of art, too.

As a photographer, do you take many black & white photos?

Do you have many pieces of black & white art hanging in your home?

P.S. I'm thinking about saving up and purchasing all of these photos to put in a large frame when we move to our new condo in September. :)


  1. beautiful! i love black and white photographs.
    have a wonderful day
    ♥ hanlie

  2. I love black and white photography. I have a great time with the stark contrasts

  3. Gorgeous. I do love black and white photography. I should feature it on my blog more often.

  4. I love black and white photos. These are amazing...I feel like each has such a story. I don't take many, but I should. The majority of our wedding photos in our home are black and white or sepia...I feel they are more romantic!
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  5. I love black and white photos, but never think to convert my color photos at the printer and haven't used my film camera in a million years. Gorgeous!

  6. This one in particular is such a nice combination of more subte contrasts. I think it would look great in your new place! It would be fun to try it soon. Some photos (and movies) are just meant to be in black and white..

  7. i love black and white photographs too, after taking lots of colour photographs from the South of France, i have decided to spend the rest of summer in black and white, there is an HP5 film in my camera and i am waiting for rain to clear up :) i do have quite a few black and white photos hanging on my walls too :)

  8. So am I the only one that's not a big fan of bw? Though with that said, when a black and white photo moves me, it blows me away... like the horse photo above. (And the one above it is really nice, too.)

    I rarely do black and white personally, and the only one I have in my home is a photo of one of my daughter and me that she processed in black and white. And I do like it :)

  9. Is it exactly right for a 12 year old to take pictures of this world's reality?


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