Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life Story Collage

A project I completed for my e-course, Raining Umbrellas. I plan on doing a couple more, because it was alot of fun putting this together! NATURE has played a huge part in who I am as an artist/photographer today, so I thought my first collage should reflect that.

The e-course is going great and I have the best group of creative women involved! I'M inspired by THEM probably more than they're inspired by me. ;)


  1. This is beautiful, it really is! :-)

  2. Beautiful and SO you Vicki!

  3. Vicki, it's so beautiful and delicate and soft... just as I imagine you being.
    Looking at this now and thinking about the "signature" of an artist, I think these soft tones with colour (I know what I mean, even if it's not clear in writing :S) are so you!
    Thank you for sharing and for giving us this amazing thought provoking e-course!

  4. Lovely Vicki!!
    I would keep the frame :)
    SO looking forward to next weeks assignment..

    Take care,


  5. Looks lovely! Vicki you should write a book for putting together collages like this! Your work is so inspiring.

  6. Really lovely, poetic and ethereal! I also love the soft tones.

  7. Vicki, I love your life collage. Simply beautiful, Down to earth, modest but inspiring. It is just like you :)

  8. Aw, thanks so much, friends! :)

  9. Vicki, I love this image and that no one else could've put that together. Just beautiful!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. Ooo I love this! The clipboard is a cool idea. I might have to make myself a blog banner using this idea...


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki