Thursday, April 7, 2011

Color Inspiration ~ Soft Sherbet

Photo via Deco Photo Blog

How do you like that wallpaper? I lean towards crisp, clean looks but I really love the colors in this room and the mix of patterns!

What do you think? Is this a kitchen you could live with?


  1. I would never want a kitchen in these colours but it does look very pretty in this picture!

  2. i want to have this red kitchen so bad

  3. YES, Stunning!!!! Especially that tutu lamp and the wallpaper :D But the floor is pretty remarkable as well!

  4. Who said being red is mean, huh, I'm loving what I see. Pretty spring tones on the wall with a floral print, I'm craving for it.

  5. hey vicky, look: its owl city's singuer/producer

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  7. never but i am drawn to the colours. i certainly don't hate it, in fact i like it, just not for me.

  8. So nice to hear from all of you! I'll try to check out your blogs and leave comments soon. :)

    And, Margie, I hear you about the kitchen. lol. I like it, just not for me.

  9. Normally I'm not a huge fan of red but this kitchen looks amazing!!

  10. I love the lavender lucite chairs!


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~ Vicki