Monday, April 4, 2011

The Creative Work of April Elcich

Well, I'm off to the neurologist this morning (oh, yippee!) so I thought I'd better get a post up early. I never look forward to these appointments and always have a queezy stomach before I go, but I know they are a necessary evil now that I have a diagnosis of MS. If it wasn't for doctors and the medicine they prescribe, I'd be in a whole lot of pain right now!

Do you have any interesting plans for your day or is it a day filled with responsibility and tasks? Either way, let's all make time for a little bit of creativity, ok? The featured artist for today inspires me to be more creative. Her name is April Elcich and I've admired her vintage mixed-media collages since I discovered her a few months ago on Lovely Clusters Blog.

Here's a little bit more about April in her own words:

Hi, I'm Aprile Elcich, a freelance graphic designer, collage artist, and blogger currently living in Philadelphia, PA (originally from Toronto, Ontario). I'm a recent graduate and I have decided to dedicate my time to doing the work that I love, and finding clients that appreciate uniqueness and have a similar sense of purpose.

The way I work is highly conceptual (which is where my artistic thought process enters my design work), and my projects are completed with an intimate attention to detail and overall impression. When I'm not blogging, creating, or designing for others, I am designing for myself—I spend a lot of time working on personal projects to fine tune my abilities.

My work has been published in magazines—Dujour Magazine in 2009 and Uppercase magazine in 2010—and was featured in the ADCC Directions Awards Annual in 2010. I have also been featured on such notable blogs as Mint Design Blog, Decor8, Kitka Design Toronto, Rag & Bone, Poppytalk, Uppercase Gallery, Make Something, and many others. As an artist I have exhibited work at AWOL Gallery, Propeller Gallery, and Industtrees Gallery.

What do you like about Rachel's work and how can it inspire you in your own creativity?


  1. i love those collages. beautiful! so sorry to hear about the MS. :(

    lovely blog, though. :)

  2. oh vicki, i'm sorry to hear about your appointment today. i hate going to the doctor even for the simplest things so i can't imagine. this artists work is beautiful and reminds me to take chances. ((hugs))

  3. this art really is incredible vicki - right up my alley. good luck at the neurologist.

  4. really love her work, inspiring to hear that a recent grad had the guts to be in business on their own. it's always good to hear when people find success that way :)


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