Monday, March 14, 2011

Romantic Rooms by Gardener and Marks

Good morning! I'm back...maybe a little bit later in the day than usual, but I'm back. lol. How are YOU? I hope you had a great week last week. :) It was a good thing that I decided to have a blog break, because I ended up not feeling too great and was able to get alot of rest. I think I've taken on the European way of doing things when it comes to blogging. In America we're much more driven and put pressure on ourselves to post something evey day (maybe even a few times a day). In most countries in Europe, bloggers take weeks to months off from blogging if they feel the need or if they're celebrating a holiday or going on vacation. I don't think I'll be taking months off, but it is nice to give myself the o.k. to step away for a few days.

Anyways, if you're a hopeless romantic like me, I thought you might like the rooms in this post. They were designed by Gardener and Marks and I discovered them via SF Girl By Bay. She really has a knack for finding the most beautiful and unique home photos!

Just curious, is this a home you could live in or just a place you'd love to visit? For example, I love to visit Victorian bed and breakfasts, but I couldn't live in a Victorian style home...a little too ornate for me. I think I could live in this home, but with some darker wood furniture/frames and maybe a few more splashes of color. It has a real atrium vibe to me, which I love.

Have a great new week everyone! Glad to be back. :)

P.S. My font is looking a little funky today. I'm hoping to fix it soon so it's a little larger. My weak ol' eyes are straining to see the print. ha, ha.


  1. This is beautiful. It's almost TOO much white for me to think about ever living in...but dreamy nonetheless. :)

  2. Just gorgeous!!!!!! SOOO talented,,,,hope you do more like this when you get time.

  3. Awesome!! I love the last two pictures.
    And i agree with u ... i think with some more colors and dark wood furnitures it would look great! :)

  4. i love it !
    i could totally live there :D
    but as you said, i'd add some colours to make it warm

  5. Oh how much I love this - Lyn Gardener really has a great style! Wish you a great and inspiring day. greetings from germany, geisslein

  6. the two last ones are my favs. would love to live like that, gorgeous ,gorgeous spaces!


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