Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tranquil Images by Flowing Moments

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Nathalie, one of my sponsors and photographer friends, has a beautiful new series called "Silence: The Place Where I Nurture My Soul". In this series she explores the magic of early morning light. She photographs these lovely dreamy images with her analogue cameras; her beloved Hasselblad and her Canon film camera. These images aren't in her shop yet, and I'm so happy she shared them with us first. :)

Beautiful work, Nathalie!!!


  1. wow, i love that second one, with the tree alone...on the peninsula...quiet and waiting for something to come. some occasion. not waiting, so much as wanting :) thanks, vicki and nathalie

  2. These are absolutely breathtaking!

  3. Beautiful. I love them. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Oh my goodness! What beautiful, beautiful images! They leave you speechless!

  5. vicki, i am really grateful ... merci beaucoup :)

    and thank you all so much for your appreciations and tender words

    bisous :)

  6. You always find the most inspiring artists. I can always count on discovering new favorites. These are wonderful!

  7. I love Nathalie´s work, and these are just amazing!


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