Monday, February 14, 2011

Moon Asking to Stay

Good morning! How was your weekend? Did you do any early Valentine's Day celebrating? I'm fortunate to have a very thoughtful husband who surprised me with lunch out on Saturday. I'm hoping for some chocolate to come my way later on today, too. ;) I have the hardest time coming up with things to do for him, so you if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. I'm running out of time! lol.

Aren't these images from "Moon Asking To Stay" so luxurious and dreamy? I spotted her work on Etsy yesterday and knew I had to feature it. Her new shop name is Belle Hibou and you can find it right HERE! Not only does this talented photographer take beautiful photos, she designs the most feminine jewelry and vintage textiles. I love when an artist has more than one medium they use. It inspires me to explore different venues myself.

Well, I'm going to sign off in a second but wanted to let you know a couple of things. First of all, I'll no longer be leading the Creative Challenge Group and have passed the baton on to Claudia from A Place for Twiggs. I know she'll do an amazing job and keep up with it better than I have been. Thanks so much, Claudia!

Also, I've been working hard on writing and planning my creativity e-course, Raining Umbrellas, and the new FAQ/Registration page should be up soon! I'm so excited about the e-course and really think the students will grow and be challenged.

Have a great new week, friends, and I'll see you here tomorrow! xo


  1. Here's a cute valentines idea: You could take a series of pictures of your hands spelling "I Love You." I did this with the help of a friend, and it turned out really cute. You are such a creative photographer, I bet you could put something similar together in no time!

  2. So pretty. I love the mix of soft green & pinks in the photos!
    Happy Valentine's!

  3. hello my sweet dear!!! thank you again for such honor!!! and i bet you'll something really good for your hubby! :) hugs!!!!! twiggs

  4. What a great second photo! Would make such a fun photo to hang on the wall. Hope you had a great v-day Vicki!


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